Welcome to this space created to allow you to venture into yourself, in complete safety .

I accompany you through bodypsychotherapy and / or photographic conversations .

Individual bodypsychotherapy sessions are possible online and / or at the practice located at 31 Av Gazan, 06600 Antibes.

photographic conversations sessions are only available at the office (at the address mentioned above.)



You are tempted by the inner adventure?

A bodypsychotherapy session is an appointment with yourself.

Discover your inner resources, recontact your life force, go through your physical and emotional blocages.

Become again the creator of your life.


Photographic Conversations

Are you going to dare to meet the hero who lies dormant in you?

Halfway between a therapy session and a photo session, take a moment, through a conversation, to give yourself the opportunity to look at yourself from another angle.


A question?

I will answer as soon as possible!