The Adventure is tempting?

"Your soul is beautiful, it is time to accept this truth."

A unique experience

“Halfway between a therapy session and a photoshoot, take this time for yourself.

Through a conversation you give yourself the opportunity to look at yourself from another angle.

You will realize that you are much more than the trials you are going through AND that your soul is beautiful . "


Rendez-vous with yourself

"Your inner experience is not necessarily read on your face".

A first contact with you, around a specific subject , the one of your choice .

The one calling you right now. (set up a project, self-esteem, anger, courage, dare to introduce a change, take a closer look at a fear, etc.) You can choose on the spot and / or let yourself be guided by the present moment .


We will spend 60 minutes together twice. Each hour spaced ten days apart.


Session 1 : (60min) The conversation is at the center, I take care of capturing the moments instinctively, so that, after a while, the camera is forgotten. We will be able to rely on cards, mandalas and other symbolic supports to nourish the conversation.


Session 2: (60min) We watch all the selected photos. You take the time to meet. What does this meeting allow to contact / discover / release in you?


Price: 200 €

Includes 2 sessions of 60min and selection of photos in internet format.


Self-taught photographer since 1996, in 2014 I undertook a personal research. Through photography I discover , beyond the unknown aspects of myself , that what I experience inside is not necessarily reflected in the image and vice versa. I continue to dig, experiment, test . In 2016 I created the Photographic Conversations so that other people can have this liberating experience .